• Chemical Cleaning

    We apply a variety of cleaning agents at high pressure to remove build-up of carbon and grime. This results in the property returning to its original condition.

  • Guttering

    We carry out repairs and replace all kinds of existing guttering. This is an important protection against roof water penetrating through the face of your brickwork causing endless future problems.

  • Mortar Stain Removal

    Our Mortar stain removal technique can be applied to any aspect of brickwork to remove unwanted or unsightly stains. This can be carried out at any stage of your brickwork’s lifetime.

  • Paint Removal

    A lot of properties have been painted in all types of paints and coverings over the years. We remove these paints and coverings at pressure with none hazardous agents that are kinder to the environment.

  • Re-Pointing

    We re-point all aspects of brickwork and masonry including patios, chimneys, garden walls etc. Pointing is a properties first line of defense against weather and if not rectified, this can cause more serious issues in your property which could cost more money and cause more damage in the longer term.

  • Roof Tile Replacement

    We replace any damaged, loose or dangerous tiles on your roof, we cover all types and makes of tile.

  • Ridge Tiles

    We point, re-sit and replace ridge tiles. These are situated on the apex of a roof and protect your property from the weather penetrating your property. It is essential that Ridge tiles are to remain pointed correctly at all times as loose, broken or missing tiles can easily cause your property to be penetrated by […]

  • Sandblasting

    We offer a full sand blasting service which can remove all types of paints and other agents which have been applied to your property over time. We have some sandblasting images in the gallery for you to browse. Click HERE to see some of our work. Not all properties require sandblasting, sand blasting removes the […]

  • WaterProofing

    We apply a full waterproof course in order to keep your brickwork protected against the elements.

  • Chimney’s

    Chimneys are open to all elements of weather so are quite important to be weather tight. We re-point, re-build, re-sit lead, maintain lead, re-do your flaunching on top of your chimney and even re-sit your chimney pots if necessary.